Is there a fee to attend the dinners?


There is no fee to attend, dinners are free, however you must apply to attend.

What is the time commitment? How long will the dinners the last?


The dinners will last approximately 3 hours, roughly 6:30 - 9:30pm.

What happens at the dinner?


Each dinner with consist of 10 participants, a dinner host and at least one trained facilitator. The evening will include a guided conversation and catered meal.

Do I need to bring anything to the dinner?


No need to bring anything, dinner and conversation materials will be provided.

Can I go to a dinner close to where I live or in another part of the city?


You are welcome to choose to attend a dinner close to where you live or in another part of the city. It’s completely up to you. If you’d like to dine with those in your immediate geographic vicinity or with those in a completely different area.

Who will be a part of the dinners?


Dinners are open to residents of Los Angeles and will strive to have a diverse composition of participants.

How can I become a participant?


Select the “Join a dinner” or “attend a dinner” button on the homepage to sign up. Participants will be selected to ensure equal representation across all 15 City Council districts. Due to space constraints, not all applicants will be assigned to a dinner.

Who will see my information when I sign up?


All personal information is confidential and handled by a small project management team at Community Coalition and The City of Los Angeles. Your information will not be sold or distributed.

Will transportation to the dinners be provided?


No, participants must provide their own transportation to and from the dinners.

What kind of food will be served?


Dinners will be catered by a diverse group of local chefs and restaurants represented different cultural backgrounds and styles of food. Each dinner will have vegetarian, vegan, dairy free and gluten free options to accommodate food allergies. It’s important to note any food allergies on your application.

I have a food allergy, will that be accommodated?


Yes, please indicate your food allergy on your application.

Will dinner locations provide a reasonable accommodation for mobility limitation(s)?


Answer: Yes! Please email info@embracla.org to request a specific accommodation. 

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