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I am Derrick Lewis Owner and Operator of Not Your Mama’s Kitchen Food Truck. My passion for cooking dates back as early as seven years old. My talent is innate, but the skill to produce delectable meals to others was acquired over time from the observation of my mom and aunts, as they cooked with love using a lot of recipes and techniques handed down to them. Not Your Mama’s Kitchen is all about family.

As a husband and father, I provided for my family utilizing my skills and knowledge as a computer analyst for Southern California Gas Company. Nevertheless, I always knew I wanted to own my own restaurant and, share some of my family’s recipes for the masses to enjoy. My pursuit of fulfillment began with different catering businesses, but could not invest 100% of myself due to my obligation to provide for my family, by way of my 9 to 5.

In 2015, with the full support of my wife and kids, I walked away from corporate America to pursue my dream. Not Your Mama’s kitchen began as a food truck. At present, Not Your Mama’s Kitchen has been a family business for 2 years serving up delicious soul food both via our food truck and our recently opened restaurant.

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