embRACE LA made history

by organizing over 100 conversations in 

homes throughout Los Angeles.  

100 Conversations

 In 2018, the Los Angeles City Council partnered with the Community Coalition, Revolve Impact and The Todd Group in making history by successfully training over 40 facilitators and organizing over 130 free dinners in homes and community-based organizations throughout the City of Los Angeles. The result was hundreds of authentic and honest conversations with over 1,200 residents in each of the fifteen City Council Districts, each driven by our core principal: we cannot heal what we will not face.

Conversations play an integral role in the American public imagination. Yet in this era of busy, we don’t sit down and converse as much as we used to - and we certainly don't talk with strangers. Consider this an invitation to have an imaginative conversation on fear, dreams, personal aspirations and our collective future, all anchored by one of the most overdue dialogues of our time: race, human relationships, and the future of Los Angeles.

Why Conversations?

Join Us!

Join us as we break bread, share stories and engage in honest, and difficult conversations about race and how we can help change inequities in our personal lives and on a policy level.

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