“An Apple is Real, Race is Not.”

Race is but an illusion. For decades the conversations that we’ve had around issues of race tend to focus on concepts that stand outside of ourselves. We use terminology that is heavy with historical traumas that often time leave little room for the heart to open; a heart cannot open when it is hurt. We cocoon, recluse and try to mend our heart and mind without first identifying that the root issue is our deep longing to learn how to love one another. If we are to connect with one another we must change the way in which we engage these conversations.

We must hold our pain, disillusionment and hurt with kindness while still envision a process of healing; this is for all our sake. Healing is a slow process, and it can begin with a single smile, a meal or a conversation that is genuine and centered on curiosity and learning.

We have a sacred responsibility as Angelinos to have intentional conversations about race that are centered on understanding. We are living in a period in time where we are called to mend the relationships that have been broken for generations. We cannot wait for our institutions or governments to demonstrate how we should love one another; we must do this work in our homes and at our dinner tables. Just as we share in the bounty that the land provides, we must hold one another accountable for the preservation of our dignity and humanity. An apple consumed at the dinner table provides the same nourishment to all who eat it. Let’s not waste the opportunity it gives us to live and speak better about and to one another.

- Ernesto, Los Angeles City Resident of 22 years

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