100 Dinners

In April embRACE LA made history by organizing 100 free dinners in homes throughout the 15 council districts that make up the City of Los Angeles. Each dinner consisted of a chef, a gathering of 10 neighbors, and a thoughtful dialogue centered on one of the most important topics of our time: Race. A follow-up round, for all those that applied and could not be seated, will take place in the last week of June.

What Are the Dinners?

The dinner table (and the dialogues held around it) play an integral role in the American public imagination. It’s the place where both conflict and peace occur. It is the punctuation mark to a long day. Yet in this era of busy, we don’t sit down as much as we used to - and we certainly sit down with strangers even less. Consider this an invitation to have an imaginative adult conversation on fear, dreams, personal aspiration and our collective future, all anchored by one of the most overdue dialogues of our time: Race, Human relationships, and the future of Los Angeles.

Where Are They Happening?

Across the City of Los Angeles. 100 volunteer hosts will open their homes for the dinners. Dinner locations will happen in all 15 Los Angeles City Council districts.

How to Apply and Selection Process

To apply, please fill visit the application link below. Applicants will be selected with consideration to equal representation across the City of Los Angeles. Early application is strongly encouraged. The first set of confirmations will be sent March 20. Applications will close on April 7.

Stay in Touch

Join today and learn how you can become a transformative force in the City of Los Angeles by participating in our next round of embRACE LA dinners.

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